Second Opinion


Are you unhappy with your car repair quote? Did you receive some unpleasant news about your car’s health? Why not look for a second opinion? After all, it can be upsetting or overwhelming to receive a costly repair bill or a long list of recommendations. Sometimes it can be hard to believe. We think you should be able to ask someone else for a second opinion without it costing you an arm or a leg. That’s why we at Closs Tire & Auto will give you a free second opinion if you’ve had your vehicle diagnosed at another repair shop.

Our goal is to make sure the repairs recommended or the diagnostics given are in the best interest of your vehicle’s health. Our ASE-Certified Master Technicians will inspect your vehicle and review the diagnosis of the original inspection. We will give you our recommendation of itemized repairs needed in writing and an evaluation of our diagnoses FREE. We want you to make sure the money spent on the repair is at a fair price and is going to fix the problem. So give yourself peace of mind and call to schedule your second-opinion